Clearview Acres Basset Hounds

Brookville Indiana

Pictures from here around the farm: 

"Waitin' on Daddy"







         Daddy and Thelmie!                                                                              Sugar and Polly, 2 of our miniature horses



                             Gill then.....                                                                                                         Gill now!





                  Thelmie and Beulah (as a puppy)                                                                       







          Litter of 12 mahogany puppies delivered C-section   (Beulah is one of these 12!)        Beulah swimming in our goldfish pond


Some of these puppies are out of the litter of 12 above, 3rd from left is Beulah again!




    Good example of mahogany, red and white, and lemons all from same litter.                                 Charlie, beautiful Charlie!