Clearview Farms Basset Hounds

Brookville Indiana

                                FEMALE PUPPIES FOR SALE                                                                             Pictures are clearer on a computer than a phone!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Puppies are priced at $850 to $1,000   ($150 deposit / balance at pick-up)   

       To reserve a puppy, the $150 deposit can be made through the Paypal Pay Now link on this page. Thanks  Call or text Rex at 765-265-1770



Website updated August 1st



"Delta Rose"

Rose Female # 1  

Reserved - Clark

Color - Mahogany



Rose Female # 2  

Reserved - Dorsett

Color - Tri



Rose Female # 3  

Reserved - McCormick-Brauchle

Color - Red/White or Lemon




Opal Female # 1  

Reserved - Storch

Color - Blue






Opal Female # 3  

Reserved - Gross

Color - Black & Tan




Beulah Female # 1  

Reserved - Tuttle

Color - Mahogany



Beulah Female # 2  

Reserved - Marxen

Color - Tri




Elsie Female # 2  

Reserved - Hammann

Color - Mahogany






Irma Female # 1   

Reserved - Drummond

Color - Tri



Hillary Female # 2   

Reserved - Vrooman

Color - Tri



Jolene Female # 3   

Reserved - Martin

Color - Tri








To see what the above puppies will look like at 8 weeks old, please scroll down...

Here are some pictures of our recent pups:



What a TRI-COLOR puppy will look like.




What a BLACK & TAN puppy will look like.




What a BLUE & TAN puppy will look like.



Name / which puppy to reserve
Email address / Phone number



Please visit the "male pups" and/or "female pups" pages at the top to find pictures of puppies. If underneath a puppy it says "TEMPORARY HOLD" this means that I have a waiting list and I must offer each puppy to the people on the waiting list before I can accept a deposit from anyone else.  If it says "RESERVED" then someone has made a deposit on that puppy, and it is spoken for already...  If it says "AVAILABLE" then you are able to place a deposit on that puppy to hold it until it is ready to go home.  In order to Reserve a puppy that is Available, you make the $150 deposit, using the "Pay Now" button, putting your name, phone and email in the blanks, and also call or email me to let me know which puppy you want to Reserve.  If no pups are Available and you want to get on the waiting list for a future litter, you would make the $150 deposit, using the "Pay Now" button, and then when your name comes up, you "Pick" from what is available at that time, or if you do not like any of the ones available, then you say "Pass" and you would carry over to the next litter, and get your chance to choose from that group, and so on until you find your perfect puppy. All pups are sold with either CKC or AKC limited registration paperwork, which is given at time of pickup.